Customized Turnkey Solution

Depend on the customer's demands, we can provide below modification service.

  • Hitachi CD-SEM S-9380 Modify to 8"/6" Wafer

  • Hitachi CD-SEM S-9380 Modify to Glass Wafer

  • Hitachi CD-SEM S-92  Modify to 6" Wafer

  • Hitachi CD-SEM S-92  Modify to Glass Wafer

  • Hitachi CD-SEM S-88  Modify to 8" Wafer

  • Hitachi CD-SEM S-88  Modify to Glass Wafer

  • Tazmo SAH-Aligner Modify for 6" Wafer

  • Tazmo SAH-Aligner Modify for Galss Wafer

  • Tazmo MA-BEP Aligner Modify for Glss Wafer

  • MECS OF-250 Aligner Modify for Glass Wafer

If you have other Hitachi CD-SEM machine turnkey modification needs, please contact us.