Spare Parts

We provide the sale/repair/exchange of the following parts.

Parts name Parts number Tool type Description Picture
AV-1 VALVE for S-6100 JT3-0015 S-6100 P/N 545-0140
CHUCK ASSY for S-6XXX JT1-8001 S-6000/S-6100 P/N 545-0630
LOADER DRIVER ASSY for S-6XXX JT1-4011 S-6000/S-6100 P/N 545-0632
CHUCK DRIVER ASSY for S-6XXX JT1-4012 S-6000/S-6100 P/N 545-0633
CIRCUIT BOARD ASSY (WITH HV CABLE) for 6系列+S-7XXX(545-5150) JT5-6003 S-6XXX/S-7XXX P/N 545-5150
CIRCUIT BOARD ASSY INT/PTM(545-5504) JT5-6004 S-6XXX/S-7XXX P/N 545-5504
CIRCUIT BOARD ASSY RS232C(545-5505) JT5-6005 S-6XXX/S-7XXX P/N 545-5505
CIRCUIT BOARD ASSY SCAN CONT(545-5507) JT5-6006 S-6000/S-6700/S-7280/S-7800 P/N 545-5507
CIRCUIT BOARD ASSY PANEL/IF(545-5512) JT5-6007 S-6XXX/S-7XXX P/N 545-5512
CIRCUIT BOARD ASSY DEF PS(545-5513) JT5-3006 S-6XXX/S-7000 P/N 545-5513
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